Dedicated to and in memory of our beloved two children Jane and Tyo, both born prematurely and past away on 17th May 1999, we have symbolically started, on 17th May 2006, the Jane and Tyo foundation. The aim of this foundation is to support Worldwide Charity projects which dedicate (most of) their work to children. Why? Because children are the most vulnerable group of people and at the same time also the future of this world and it's many countries.

This website provides free downloads of animal wallpaper photographs taken all over that same world and is paid for by the sponsoring advertisements you see throughout the site. Although relatively small amounts, substantial parts of the upbringings of this website will be donated to a Children's charity in the name of Jane and Tyo.

Thanks to every visitor of this site and all advertisers for your support.

Marco & Mary Tjong A Tjoe

If you have recommendations for Child-related charities, please email me on:

Yanty - Practice for foot reflexology supports the Jane and Tyo foundation!