Looking for free wallpapers or pictures of animals? You have come to the right place! To let you use these cool pictures as free desktop wallpaper (background pictures) or as backgrounds for communities like myspace.com, xanga, black planet, msn, we have placed them in our animals wallpaper photo gallery.

animal photos

Our collection currently offers background pictures of a variety of animals, like the Elephant, Giraffe, Racoon, Baboon, Lions and many others.

Use the links on the left to browse through the complete animal photo gallery. The wallpapers are 24 bits true color in JPG format, offered for the most common screen resolutions and are of course FREE to download.

At regular moments we will place new animal photographs which you can download as wallpaper pictures, so come back regularly to check out what's new.

Latest 3 new animal wallpapers

Praying Hawk Picture
Praying Hawk, Lake Aureilhan, France
Grey Heron Picture
Grey Heron, Lake Aureilhan, France
Fishing Bird Picture
Fishing Bird, Arcachon Beach, France